Anolon Academy Partners

In the pursuit of culinary greatness, Anolon has had the pleasure of working with some like-minded companies.

We are proud to recognise our work and collaborations with the brands below to bring gourmet style cooking to the home kitchen.


Teflon Diamond Standards Awards logo

The Teflon™ Diamond Standards Awards is a national competition designed to acknowledge & encourage excellence in the catering industry and in the home. This event reaches out to all children, young catering students & keen home cooks who have a passion for cooking.

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Nick Nairn Cook School logo

Established in 2000 by food pioneer Nick Nairn, cookery school encourages and teaches people to cook by giving them the skills necessary to be able to turn great raw ingredients into great food.

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Lesley Waters Cookery School logo

The Lesley Waters Cookery School was founded and is run by celebrity chef Lesley Waters. Based in Dorset, the school utilises the outstanding quality of fresh local produce in its classes and its products.

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Swinton Park Cookery School logo

Perched on the edge of the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, Swinton Park Cookery School runs a variety of residential and non-residential classes for all ages and abilities.

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Lakeland logo

Founded in the 1960s Lakeland has become one of the UK's leading retailers in kitchenware and homeware, with 70 stores across the country.

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Bentall Centre logo

The Bentall Centre has been the prominent shopping destination in Kingston in London for the last 25 years, offering visitors more than 75 stores and a variety of restaurants and bars.

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Arnotts logo

Ireland’s oldest and largest department store opened in 1843 and boasts an premium collection of designer brands across fashion, beauty, homewares and more.

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