Pan fried Halibut with Cauliflower and Cumin Puree with Chive Bhaji & Rhubarb and Chilli Chutney

Pan fried Halibut with Cauliflower and Cumin Puree with Chive Bhaji & Rhubarb and Chilli Chutney

26 September 2017

  • Level #2: sous chef
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Preperation Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time

20 minutes


12 scallops

250g milk

15g cumin

8 chive flowers

100g rhubarb & chilli chutney

25g butter

10g micro coriander

20ml wild garlic oil

30g flour

2g turmeric

2g coriander seeds

2g cumin seeds

2g nigella seeds

100ml water

Recipe Guide


1For the chive flower bhaji:,Wash the chive flowers and let dry on a cloth

2Mix the flour, turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, nigella seeds and water to form a light batter

3Leave to one side until ready to serve

4For the Cauliflower and cumin puree:,Finely slice the cauliflower and sweat in a pan with a little rapeseed oil and add the cumin seeds

5Once the seeds start to smell quite fragrant, add the milk and bring to the boil

6When the cauliflower is soft transfer all the cauliflower but only half the milk to a blender and blitz until its is smooth. Add more milk if needed to form a good vortex

7Place the puree into a small saucepan and place to one side to warm when needed

8To finish:,Warm the puree on a low heat whilst you are preparing the other items

9Heat a pan with oil for deep frying to about 180C, place the chive flowers into the batter and and let drain slightly

10Place a frying pan on a high heat and add some rapeseed oil, when the pan is smoking add your scallops presentation side down

11Don't touch the scallops at this point and leave them to caramelise then flip them over and add the butter, baste the scallops and season

12Place the chive bhaji's into the hoit oil and fry for 30 seconds or until light brown and crispy, then drain on kitchen paper

13To plate, place a swipe of the puree on the plate and arrange the 3 scallops per portion, balance two of the bhaji's on top of the scallops. Neatly dollop the chutney on the plate and finish with the micro coriander and wild garlic oil.